Big Data and Data Analytics Training in Bangalore

Big Data Certification Training in Bangalore

Understand the different concepts involved in Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore to uncover the unexpected critical information from your data analytics training in Bangalore, improve predictions and support systematic decision making.

Data Science Training

Master the knack of how to model, store and process data sets using algorithms and techniques which helps in applying machine learning, managing large datasets and generating interesting visualisations.

Hadoop Training

Our Hadoop certification training will help trainees by providing the most comprehensive, industry-recognised and career-oriented training with thorough experience on how to handle Hadoop projects.

Data Science with Python Training in Bangalore

DataScience with Python Training

Through this course, iTrain technologies helps trainees with basic python programming knowledge to apply statistics, machine learning, network analysis and gain new insights into data.

SAS Training

New to SAS or want to learn SAS programming, analytics and other core concepts? iTrain Technologies can help you out with the latest concepts surrounding SAS Training in Bangalore with its team of experts holding years of industrial experience.

DataScience with R Training

This course offers a complete tutorial to learn data science and machine learning using R by providing great exposure to building predictive models using machine learning.

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iTrain Technologies provides a comprehensive training solution that encapsulates the needs of the trainees and brings into the picture the latest and greatest trending topics for them to build expertise upon.