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Android Training in Bangalore

We all know how important apps are. Each and every app caters to a particular customer segment. And companies use apps to improve the engagement and awareness of customers by constantly pushing in content or by other means. Learn from Top android training institute in Bangalore.

Android Course in Bangalore

Android is a Linux based operating system developed by Google mainly to support smartphone, tablets and iPad. Android is the fastest and rapidly growing phone OS in the current world of today. We have to keep ourselves updated to the latest technology being introduced each day. More than 90% of the world’s population are using smartphone, because it is user friendly and easy access to Internet. For smartphone to work it needs an operating system which and Android has a significant market share in that segment.

Android is an open source platform which means any one can customize , modify , create and work on the operating system. Android system works on the basis of Java language and by writing the codes will be able to run multiple apps at the same time. Till today, Best Android training in Bangalore with placement is the best Mobile operating system in the world and Apple’s software is briskly following it.

Our Android Training in Bangalore Syllabus will help both students and professionals to enhance their career. We have professionally trained trainers for Android training center in bangalore

Why to learn Android?

  • Android operating system are much popular in the market because it is unique and widely adoptable.
  • Android market share is three fourth of its competitors like Apple and Blackberry mobile operating system based mobiles.
  • Android is an open, stable and flexible software which associates with the newer and latest upgrading technologies.
  • Android App Development course in bangalore is booming much in IT industry which creates job opportunities for both beginners and experienced people.
  • Android Developers have high demands in today market and are paid lucratively by reputed organisation.

Benefits of Android Course in Bangalore :

  • Android software allows you to create apps in days or week and not in months.
  • Android has a stunning User friendly Interface.
  • Easy app customization can be done according to our business needs.
  • Android has Instant System Integration.
Android has very easy tool access and wide range of libraries provides Mobile application developers to come up with the most efficient and rich mobile applications changing the world of mobile users.

Android Training is suitable for IT professionals, IT fresher’s and college students who are interested to become Mobile developers within a short period of time. If you a want a job in short duration then Android will be the best choice for it. Make sure you fix a demo session with us and understand how you would benefit out of this course.

Web Designing Training Syllabus

SECTION 1: Introduction to Android
  • What is Android?
  • Setting up development environment
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
SECTION 2: Fundamentals
  • Basic Building blocks – Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
  • UI Components – Views & notifications
  • Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters
  • Android API levels (versions & version names)
SECTION 3: Java Concepts
  • Oops Concepts
  • Inheritance in Detail
  • Exception Handling
  • Packages & Interfaces
  • Jvm & .Jar File Extension
  • Multi-Threading (Thread Class & Rent-able Interface)
SECTION 4: SQLite Concepts
  • SQLite Programming
  • SQLite Open Helper
  • SQLite Database
  • Cursor
  • Reading bookmarks
SECTION 5: Application Structure (In Detail)
  • xml
  • Uses-Permission & Uses-sdk
  • Resources & R. Java
  • Assets
  • Layouts & Draw able Resources
  • Activities and Activity Life cycle
  • First Sample Application
SECTION 6: Emulator Android Virtual Device
  • Launching Emulator
  • Editing Emulator Settings
  • Emulator Shortcuts
  • Log cat Usage
  • Introduction to Ddms
  • Develop an App for Demonstrating the Communication between Intents
SECTION 7: Basic Ui Design
  • Form Widgets
  • Text Fields
  • Layouts
  • [Dip, Dp, Sip, Sp] Versus Px
  • Option Menu
  • Context Menu
  • Sub Menu
  • Menu from Xml
  • Menu via Code
SECTION 9: Intents (In Detail)
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit Intents
SECTION 10: Ui Design
  • Time and Date
  • Images and Media
  • Composite
  • Alert dialogs & Toast
  • Popup
SECTION 11: Tabs and Tab Activity
SECTION 12: Styles and Themes
  • Xml
  • Draw able Resources for Shapes, Gradients (Selectors)
  • Style Attribute in Layout File
  • Applying Themes via Code and Manifest File
SECTION 13: Content Providers
SECTION 14: Android Debug Bridge (Adb) Tool Linkify
  • Web Urls, Email Address, Text, Map Address, Phone Numbers
  • Match filter & Transform filter
SECTION 15: Adapters and Widgets
  • Array adapters
  • Base adapters
  • List view and List activity
  • Custom List view
  • Grandview Using Adapters
  • Gallery Using Adapters
SECTION 16: Notifications
  • Services and Notifications
  • Toast
  • Alarms
SECTION 17: Custom Components
  • Custom Tabs
  • Custom Animated Popup Panels
  • Other Components
SECTION 18: Threads
  • Threads Running On Ui Thread
  • Worker Thread
  • Handlers & Runnable
  • Asyntask (In Detail)

Our Student Say

"I joined itrain technology for AWS. My tutor is very knowledgeable and helping faculty. I found everything good. Classrooms are big overall good training content and infrastructure.

- Siva (AWS)

Classes and training sessions are on par and were good. But the end sessions of both java+selenium courses were paced out. All an all good learning experience. Thanks to iTrain Technologies.

- Megha (Selenium)

Joined Java in Itrain Technologies. The trainer cleared all the concepts with hands-on training and has great knowledge of the subject. I will recommend people to learn Java from iTrain Technologies

- Swetha (java)

The best training institute for learning Amazon Web services AWS and DevOps training in Bangalore. I am very satisfied with the trainer for his excellent teaching. Management supports student a lot here.

- Sathish (AWS)

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